A global association of professionals and companies involved with digital identity and payments.


Government Benefits

Government agencies and individuals are encouraged to join IDPAY at level appropriate for your agency. IDPAY strongly believes in order to be effective the association must be a Public/Private partnership. The development of meaningful documents and agreements will require involvement and participation from all.


IDPAY is interest in applying for government and NGO grants to assist in developing the Trust Framework and Standards for the association. If you are aware of relevant grants we can apply for please send information and links to Andrew Tarbox –  andy@idpayments.org

Government Members

IDPAy works with governments in the US, Europe, Africa, and Asia to evaluate and develop an improved framework of regulations that serves the public and private interests, banking and authentication.

This includes the following key functions:

  • Support for law enforcement, INTERPOL and EUROPOL in tracking fraud and financial matters
  • Working with FATF, FIUs and regulatory bodies to improve anti-corruption practices
  • Coordination and consulting with the US Departments of State and Homeland Security
  • Program development with USAID on microbanking, remittances, and international monetary flows
  • Consulting with FINCEN and FINTRAC

IDPAY publishes white papers and studies, privately and publicly, to support governments, intergovernmental organizations, international organizations, bilateral and multilateral agencies and functions involved in financial issues, international banking, global payments, security, authentication and digital identity.  In this effort, IDPAY not only educates public entities about the complexities of international global payments regulations and infrastructure, but also helps foster an understanding of the fast-moving technical advances in the field, as well as represents its members in issues of concern.


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